Digitalize Your Restaurant's Procurement Process

Join over 2,000 restaurants in the UAE that trust our platform to simplify their ordering operations. No more managing multiple suppliers, drowning in paperwork, or losing time with complicated ordering procedures.

Find New Suppliers and Promotions

It's never been easier to expand your supplier network. KASO's Marketplace connects you to a wide network of suppliers, each with their own unique items and exciting promotions. Whether you're looking for fresh vegetables, premium meats, or specialty products, our platform makes it easy to find new suppliers and take advantage of incredible deals.

Save More with Exclusive Offers

KASO provides special deals and discounts to optimize your savings. With KASO Marketplace, you may save 2-3% on procurement costs—a considerable increase in your bottom line without sacrificing quality.

Request Samples Without Hassle

On KASO, try new items without risk. Click to request a sample of a product you’d like to try and get complimentary samples directly from suppliers, giving you the confidence to try new products and make more informed decisions. 

KASO Platform - Marketplace

Shop by Category

Our 'Shop by Category' section makes it simple to locate what you're looking for. There will be no more turning through catalogue pages or endless scrolling. Our Marketplace allows you to navigate categories. Whether you're shopping for pantry basics or searching for new dairy items to try.

Search for Items Faster 

Looking for a certain ingredient or item? Our advanced search functionality has got you covered. Simply enter your query, and our technology will provide personalized results, saving you important time and work. No more browsing through product pages; our search bar will help you locate precisely what you need in seconds.

What is KASO?

KASO is revolutionizing the way restaurants procure supplies and ingredients. Our Marketplace is designed to provide restaurants with efficient procurement solutions, enabling them to streamline operations and achieve cost savings without sacrificing quality.

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