How to Promote Your Restaurant on Social Media for Valentine's Day

On February 14th, restaurants see a 200% increase in reservations according to National Retail Federation. With Valentine's Day around the corner, restaurants are preparing for one of the busiest days of the year. The competition has switched to social media and reviews in the UAE, where thousands of restaurants are now open. Globally, social media and reviews have over 90% greater influence on restaurant choices made by Gen Z and Millennials according to Dobrila from Oracle.

Having a strong online presence is now a must for restaurants to stay relevant and competitive. Let’s dive into how to optimize your restaurant’s social media platforms to get more customers on Valentine’s Day.

How Should Your Restaurants Use Social Media?

Be Found Everywhere 

Social media is like your online store. Your Instagram profile needs to be engaging and visually attractive. Maintaining a presence on all social media platforms is a must for optimizing visibility and drawing different audiences. 

Every platform caters to different demographics and tastes. Adapt your content to each platform and audience, ensuring your offers and general messages are consistent throughout. By broadening your online presence on sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, you can avoid losing out on potential customers.

Valentine's Tip:
Promote your Valentine’s offers by using a well-planned timeline. Create anticipation by releasing a sneak peek of your special menu items one week before Valentine's Day. For a festive touch, switch your usual feed's colors to red, pink, and white. 

Share important information

Social media is more than pretty photos and viral TikToks, it’s a source of information about your restaurant - your address, operating hours, contact details, menu items, reservation links, and order links. Accessible information encourages people to visit your restaurant.

Additional information on your profile also looks more professional and it gives people all the information they need without looking it up. 

Valentine's Day Tip:
Don't forget to include all the details in your posts, even if it’s in the caption. The most common questions would be location, prices for a brunch or offer, the timing of any specific events, and any other special addition for the day.

Target Locals and Tourists

Social media platforms are now the go-to place for people to search for restaurants. UAE's vibrant social media is where locals and tourists can now discover hidden gems. Test out Facebook or Instagram ads specific to tourists, since one-third of tourists are inspired by social media.

Valentine's Day Tip:
Make your restaurant a romantic destination in the city with time-limited promotions. Advertise dinner packages, romantic views, and special desserts.

Boost your Visibility (for free!)

Social media is a cost-effective way of getting your restaurant out there. Add location tags, hashtags, and user-generated content to your posts. People are now using tags and hashtags on TikTok and Instagram to find new places to eat. Use direct messages and comments to interact with your audience, making social media into a platform for interaction.

Valentine's Day Tips:
Make your Valentine's Day offers Instagrammable so people want to share their experience on social media. Have your customers use your restaurant's hashtags when posting about their Valentine's Day experiences. 


Lots of cafes and restaurants are now using social media influencers in the UAE as an addition to their marketing strategy. When choosing influencers, verify that the influencer has a sizable number of actual followers. Check the influencer's follower count to make sure they have a high engagement rate and see if the target market for a restaurant is the same as the influencer's following.

Valentine's Day Tip:
Collaborate with influencers to offer a special Valentine's Day preview. Invite them to your restaurant, let them share behind-the-scenes photos, have taste tests, and offer exclusive promo codes to their followers.

What Makes a Great Restaurant Social Media Post?

1. Branding that Pops

Make your posts pop with your distinctive restaurant branding. Keep to your brand guidelines. UAE's social media is a visual feast; create posts that people can't just scroll past without taking a second glance.

2. Copy that Speaks Louder Than Words

Create compelling and concise copy that compliments your visuals, shows off your restaurant’s personality, and makes people want to try out your restaurant. 

3. Relevant Hashtags 

If you want to boost the visibility of your post, use hashtags. Use as many as 11 hashtags in the comments section of posts on social media sites like Instagram to increase discoverability. Take advantage of trending hashtags. 

4. Call to Action  

Put a call to action for all your posts whether it's to encourage people to visit your restaurant, try a new dish, or share their own experiences.

How to get through the madness of Valentine's Day

During the crazy rush of Valentine's Day, KASO can be your partner. KASO is a B2B food ordering and procurement platform that helps restaurants streamline their operational processes. Place all your orders in a few clicks on one platform, reduce procurement costs, and increase operational efficiency.

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Welcome the digital age with open arms. Make use of social media as an exciting extension of your restaurant's brand, not just as a tool. Make connections, share your story, and keep your restaurant apart in the online conversation. Let your social media strategy be the driving force behind converting curious viewers into loyal customers this Valentine's Day.