Malak Al Tawouk and KASO: A Strategic Partnership for Innovation and Sustainability

Malak Al Tawouk streamlines its procurement process and enhances sustainability with the industry-leading B2B procurement platform, KASO

7 June 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: KASO, the leading B2B platform transforming the procurement process between restaurants and food suppliers across the Middle East, proudly announces the integration of all Malak Al Tawouk's branches in the UAE onto the KASO platform.

The solid partnership between Malak Al Tawouk and KASO highlights both companies’ shared commitment to innovation, sustainability, and delivering superior value to customers. Malak Al Tawouk has consistently shown dedication to innovation in its menu offerings and practices, with the recent alignment with KASO representing a stride towards even greater sustainability and operational efficiency. In addition, KASO supports Malak Al Tawouk's drive for innovative menu items by facilitating connections with new suppliers and unique items.

KASO’s platform allows Malak Al Tawouk to completely digitalize its procurement process and maintain a steady supply of quality ingredients, ensuring the continued delivery of outstanding value in both taste and quantity to its customers. Moreover, Malak plans to leverage KASO's advanced analytics to avoid over-ordering of food supplies and thus further minimize food waste. KASO’s digital platform also enables Malak Al Tawouk to ditch paper-based orders, reinforcing the restaurant's commitment to eco-friendly practices.

"We are excited to bring onboard Malak Al Tawouk, a loved brand that is recognized for its commitment to innovation and value," says Ehab Sadek, VP of Commercials of KASO. "Their dedication to optimizing operations and reducing waste through technology perfectly aligns with our vision of transforming the F&B sector by infusing it with transparency, efficiency, and sustainability."

"Our partnership with KASO is an essential part of our journey towards enhanced sustainability and innovation," says Mahmoud Harb, Managing Director of Malak Al Tawouk. "It not only streamlines our operations but also empowers us to serve our customers and the environment better."

Known for its original recipes and exciting menu items, Malak Al Tawouk is a beloved fast-food chain originating from Lebanon, with branches across the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. The restaurant is renowned for its commitment to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials for its takeaway bags and boxes, and implementing portion sizes that reduce food waste.

As a leader in restaurant supply management, KASO serves over 6500 F&B partners in the UAE and KSA, providing a seamless connection between suppliers and restaurants. Through an intuitive mobile and web app, KASO simplifies the ordering process, reducing delivery errors and waste.

KASO is available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

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About KASO

Currently operating in UAE and KSA, Dubai-based KASO is the Middle East’s first platform connecting restaurants with suppliers and is currently serving over 6500 partners in UAE and KSA alone. The company was founded by tech entrepreneurs Manar Alkassar and Ahmed Soliman, with the vision to disrupt the food supply chain. By digitizing the relationship between restaurants and suppliers, they not only intend to drastically improve efficiency and transparency in the food supply chain but also significantly reduce food waste in the region. KASO is funded by various prestigious investors including Y Combinator, GFC, and MSA Capital.

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About Malak Al Tawouk

A cornerstone in Lebanese fast food, Malak Al Tawouk is recognized for delivering exceptional value to its customers in terms of quality and quantity. The brand is known for its innovative menu items and a commitment to sustainability, employing eco-friendly packaging and working diligently to minimize food waste. Now serving customers across the Middle East, Europe, and Africa, Malak Al Tawouk continues to uphold its reputation for tasty food and innovative practices.

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