Manage Your Restaurant Spending

Do you struggle to keep track of your restaurant's expenses? Do procurement expenses get overwhelming? Are you wondering which suppliers are the most costly? KASO will change the way you handle your procurement costs.

KASO is a B2B online platform that simplifies the procurement process, connecting restaurants and supplier. KASO can help you monitor your procurement costs, making it easier for you to monitor procurement prices, ordering item data, and tracking your top ten spending across branches, suppliers, and goods. In this blog article, we'll look at the features that make KASO an essential tool for monitoring your restaurant spending.

Keep track of procurement costs.

Procurement expenses might be one of the most difficult areas of restaurant management. Using KASO’s dashboards you can effortlessly track and manage your spending. 

To get started, you can keep track of how many branches are actively ordering supplies each month, which will give you an idea of the operating scale. Plus, you may track the overall number of orders placed across all branches in a given month, allowing you to better understand the volume of procurement activity. You can also see the total amount spent on procurement across all branches in a given month, allowing you to track overall expenditure patterns.

Order Item Details

You need to understand the specifics of what you're purchasing to have good cost control. KASO provides a full view of order item data, giving you total access into your inventory and procurement processes. 

The platform's dashboard gives you a full overview of all order-related information, making it easier to manage and track orders. A unique Order ID allows you to quickly manage and reference particular orders, know exactly when an order was made using accurate date and time stamps, and monitor when orders are received to ensure timely delivery and spot delays. 

The dashboard allows you to rapidly check the progress of any order, note and monitor any difficulties, and determine which branch placed the order for more efficient inventory management. You can keep track of.

Monitor Your Top 10 Spends

To help you focus on the most important aspects of your budget, KASO has a function that allows you to track your top ten expenses. This feature categorizes your expenditures by branches, suppliers, and items, providing a clear picture of where the majority of your money is spent.

Branch Analysis

Look at the top ten spending for each of your branches to identify high-cost areas and plan appropriately. Focusing on your biggest expenses allows you to make more meaningful cost-control and reduction decisions.

Supplier Breakdown

Determine which suppliers receive the majority of your budget, allowing you to negotiate better prices or evaluate alternatives. With precise information about your expenditures, you may negotiate better terms with your suppliers. 

Itemized Spend

Keep track of the top ten products you spend money on, allowing you to better manage inventories and minimize wasteful purchases. Understanding which areas of your organization demand the greatest investment allows you to allocate resources more efficiently.

KASO gives you the tools you need to manage procurement expenses, obtain specific insights on order items, and track your top ten spending by branches, suppliers, and goods. Using these capabilities allows you to make better educated decisions, optimize your budget, and safeguard the financial health of your business.

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