MENA’s 50 Best Awards - the 50 Top Restaurants in MENA

On Monday, Jan 30th, regional and international chefs, culinary experts, and foodies gathered at an exclusive gala event in the UAE’s capital for one reason - to see who would be crowned the best restaurant in the Middle East and North Africa.

The anticipated list brings together the most successful restaurants in the Middle East and North Africa, from traditional to modern gastronomy. Following last year’s debut list of MENA’s 50 Best, this year’s featured restaurants were voted for by over 200 anonymous informed foodies.

14 new cities and 15 new entries were featured during the award ceremony in Abu Dhabi. But who topped the list? Dubai's Orfali Bros Bistro took the #1 spot this year, followed by Tresind Studio, also located in Dubai, and Fusions by Tala in Manama, Bahrain.

And now *drum roll please*, let’s have a round of applause for the 50 Best:

  1. Orfali Bros Bistro, Dubai, UAE
  2. Tresind Studio, Dubai, UAE
  3. Fusions by Tala, Manama, Bahrain (also named Best Restaurant in Bahrain and won Highest Climber Award)
  4. Ossiano, Dubai, UAE (also won the Highest New Entry Award)
  5. 3 Fils, Dubai, UAE
  6. George & John, Tel Aviv, Israel (also named Best Restaurant in Israel)
  7. Kinoya, Dubai, UAE
  8. Fakhreldin, Amman, Jordan (also named Best Restaurant in Jordan)
  9. Zooba, Cairo, Egypt (also named Best Restaurant in Egypt)
  10. Moonrise, Dubai, UAE
  11. Reif Kushiyaki, Dubai, UAE
  12. Kazoku, Cairo, Egypt
  13. Zuma, Dubai, UAE
  14. OCD, Tel Aviv, Israel (also won the Sustainable Restaurant Award)
  15. Lowe, Dubai, UAE
  16. Baron, Beirut, Lebanon (also named Best Restaurant in Lebanon)
  17. Gaia, Dubai, UAE
  18. Myazu, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (also named Best Restaurant in Saudi Arabia)
  19. Tawlet Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon
  20. Em Sherif, Beirut, Lebanon (also won the Art of Hospitality Award)
  21. LPM, Dubai, UAE
  22. Sachi, Giza, Egypt
  23. Marble, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  24. A by Yuval Ben Neriah, Tel Aviv, Israel
  25. CUT by Wolfgang Puck, Manama, Bahrain
  26. Hoseki, Dubai, UAE
  27. La Grande Table Marocain, Marrakech, Morocco (also named Best Restaurant in Morocco)
  28. Coya, Dubai, UAE
  29. Shams El Balad, Amman, Jordan
  30. Sachi, Cairo, Egypt
  31. Masso, Manama, Bahrain
  32. Animar, Tel Aviv, Israel
  33. Coya, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  34. La Closerie, Tunis, Tunisia (also named Best Restaurant in Tunisia)
  35. 11 Woodfire, Dubai, UAE
  36. Sufra, Amman, Jordan
  37. Iloli, Casablanca, Morocco
  38. LPM, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  39. Sesamo, Marrakech, Morocco
  40. Milgo Milbar, Tel Aviv, Israel
  41. Alee, Amman, Jordan
  42. White Robata, Kuwait City, Kuwait (also named Best Restaurant in Kuwait)
  43. Zuma, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  44. Jun's, Dubai, UAE
  45. Reif Kushiyaki, Cairo, Egypt
  46. +61, Marrakech, Morocco
  47. 13C Bar in the Back, Amman, Jordan
  48. HaBasta, Tel Aviv, Israel
  49. Hakkasan, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  50. Bonjiri, Salmiya, Kuwait

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