Restaurant's Guide to Boosting Sales during Eid al Fitr

Restaurant's Guide to Boosting Sales during Eid al Fitr

With a little preparation, you can attract more customers this Eid.

Eid al Fitr is a major holiday for Muslims which marks the end of Ramadan. During Eid al Fitr, food is a central part of the celebrations. Many people choose to dine at restaurants during Eid, both because it's a special occasion and because many people are traveling or visiting family members who don't live nearby.

If your restaurant is open for business during this time, you have a great opportunity to attract new customers who may be in town for Eid al Fitr or who are looking for somewhere to meet up with friends and family.

Here's how you can increase your restaurant's sales this Eid:

Start marketing your promotions and timings early

Before Eid al Fitr begins, put up signage letting customers know that you'll be open and promote any offers or special menu items. If you're unsure when exactly your restaurant will be open or closed over the course of the week-long celebration, reach out to other local businesses and ask them what their hours will be. This can help ensure that your establishment is more prepared for an influx of customers during this busy time of year!

Be prepared for increased traffic

Eid al Fitr is a peak dining season, so make sure you have enough staff on hand to handle the crowds and avoid any issues that could delay service (like running out of ingredients, dishes, or utensils). If you want to make sure you never run out of supplies, try using Kaso! Order all your supplies in advance, check out our marketplace of suppliers and redeem offers, and we'll make sure all your orders are delivered accurately and on time - all completely free!

Decorate and be part of the festivity

Say you're closing up your family-friendly restaurant at 3 p.m. on Friday so everyone can go home and celebrate with their loved ones—that doesn't mean you should leave behind dreary surroundings! Before you shut down, make sure your establishment sparkles and shimmers with special decorations, like eye-catching streamers or balloons tied to tables and chairs. Festive decor will help draw attention to your business once the observance is over.

Consider offering special Eid deals

Now that you know some of the ins and outs of Eid al Fitr and how to communicate your restaurant's availability, it's time to think about promotions.

You might want to consider offering a special menu item only available during the holiday or offer deals such as a free drink or dessert with the purchase of a meal, discounted prices for groups (or orders) over a certain number of people, or even free desserts for customers who bring in friends or family. By taking these steps, you'll show your consumers that you value their patronage and let them know that there's no better place to be during this important holiday.

Don't forget to cater to families with children

Provide a safe, fun place for children to play if you want to attract families with kids. One way of doing this is by setting up an indoor playground or playroom where parents can watch after their children while dining. Hire someone who will be able to supervise the kids while they are playing.

Make sure you offer a kid-friendly menu that will appeal to your young guests' palates. You can also offer a discounted price for meals ordered off of your children's menu. For example, you can add items like French fries, chicken nuggets, fresh fruit cups, ice cream, and milkshakes that are catered to children's tastes.

Hiring a talented entertainer such as a magician or cartoon character impersonator is an excellent way of making sure that everyone in the family has a great time celebrating Eid al Fitr at your restaurant!