Revolutionizing F&B Intelligence: Food-tech KASO and Burger Index AI Announce Strategic Partnership

April 2nd, 2024, DUBAI, UAE: KASO, the leading B2B platform that digitizes procurement between restaurants and suppliers in the Middle East, has announced a strategic partnership with Burger Index, an AI research analyst for F&B businesses. Burger Index organizes the world’s F&B data, allowing KASO’s food brands and distributors to track the distribution of their products across food service, as well as allowing restaurants and cloud kitchens to track their competition in real time.

This collaboration marks a significant leap towards creating a holistic, data-empowered ecosystem for the F&B industry in the Middle East. Burger Index’s solution enhances KASO's data reporting and Business Intelligence capabilities, enabling the creation of industry-specific tracking that further aligns with both companies’ mission to automate manual processes and make the entire food and beverage industry more efficient.

With over 5,000 partners across KSA and UAE, KASO’s alliance with Burger Index is a testament to its ongoing efforts to drive growth and efficiency through strategic technological integration.

“By embarking on this partnership with Burger Index, we are harnessing the power of real-time data analytics, bringing it directly to our partners’ fingertips,” shared Manar AlKassar, Co-founder at KASO. “In an industry where swift decision-making is key, our users no longer have to be data-dark, and can make informed business decisions confidently and with precision.”

“The F&B industry is highly competitive and moves extremely fast. However, collecting data in the F&B industry has always been a very manual process, which leads to business decisions on new products, pricing, promotions, and locations taking weeks and months to take effect. Our partnership with KASO will allow businesses across the Middle East to see everything that happens in the F&B market in real-time," added Wassim Berro, Co-founder and CEO at Burger Index.

Burger Index’s proprietary AI engine allows F&B businesses to search and visualize the world’s F&B data. The partnership will enable users such as food distributors to instantly see live product and ingredient distribution across millions of restaurants and groceries, track trends, optimize offerings to market dynamics and maximize profitability.

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About KASO

Currently operating in KSA and UAE, KASO is the Middle East’s first platform connecting restaurants with suppliers and is currently serving over 5,000 partners in KSA and UAE alone. The Saudi-based company was founded by tech entrepreneurs Manar Alkassar and Ahmed Soliman, with the vision to disrupt the food supply chain. By digitising the relationship between restaurants and suppliers, they not only drastically improve efficiency and transparency in the food supply chain but also significantly reduce food waste in the region. KASO is funded by various prestigious investors, including Y Combinator, GFC, MSA Capital, and BY VP.

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Mieka Busch

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About Burger Index

Burger Index is an AI Research Analyst for F&B businesses. By organizing the world’s F&B data and providing access in one click restaurants, cloud kitchens, food brands, distributors and aggregators are able to remove manual data collection and guesswork and make data-driven decisions in real time on new locations, products, menus, pricing, promotions, leads, and trends. Burger Index was founded in 2022 by IE Business School classmates Wassim Berro and Maurice Karam as their final year project. The company now has offices in Madrid and Abu Dhabi. Investors include Flat6labs, Optiscape Network Holdings and F Capital.

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Wassim Berro

Founder and CEO, Burger Index