The easiest way to increase your restaurant’s efficiency (for free!)

The easiest way to increase your restaurant’s efficiency (for free!)

We live in a digital age where our phone is glued to us no matter what. Smartphones are changing the way we do everything. Anything and everything can be found with a click of a button.

By applying new technologies, not only will you be making smarter decisions for your restaurants but also facilitating the lives of all your staff members. 

The easiest way to increase your restaurant’s efficiency (for free!)

Mobile apps are everywhere, but what if we tell you you can switch to an ordering app for your restaurant. How to get started? Ride the digital wave and drop the old fashion system! Here’s how switching to an ordering platform for your restaurant supplies will instantly make your life easier:

1. Quick and easy to use

Since nowadays we can all be considered expert app users, downloading and using a new app is easy peasy. All you need is a friendly user interface and you can immediately get started. 

Would you rather call multiple suppliers and go over all the items you want to order or open an app and place all yours orders with one click? Our guess is, the simplest solution always wins.

2. Save time and eliminate ordering errors

When placing orders over the phone, by whatsapp or by email, there is a higher chance of miscommunication of the information provided or misreading the ordered items. By implementing and using an online ordering platform, you will reduce the likelihood of errors and give back time to your chef and staff. No more time wasted over the phone talking to suppliers, instead, relax and enjoy the smooth process that comes with embracing digital innovation. 

3. Reporting insights

The beauty of using a digital system is that if you use the right app, you can receive insights on your purchases, your ordering habits and more. Those insights will help you gain a deeper knowledge on your business and ultimately help you become the most efficient and smart decision maker out there! 


If you are still reading it means we managed to catch your attention. Still not convinced or hesitant on how to start? Click here and a member of our team will contact you to give you an overview of the KASO app. The best part, our app is completely free and all your suppliers are already onboarded!