The UAE's Poultry Landscape: Challenges, Changes, and Opportunities

The UAE is an interesting combination of heritage and modernity. As its vast deserts have given way to gleaming skyscrapers, the culinary scene has shifted from traditional foods to an embracing of world cuisines. The varying patterns of poultry consumption provide both insights into what people eat and a map for businesses navigating the F&B industry.

Historical Consumer Behavior

According to Helgi Library’s report in 1965, the UAE's per capita intake of chicken meat was 0.580 kg. In 2003, this statistic reached an all-time high of 58.9 kg. What made such a jump possible? As the country becomes more urbanized, with more expatriates entering, tourism flourishes, and the economy grows, culinary business opportunities appear. Catering to a diverse taste enhanced by foreign influences was an economic success. According to Helgi Libary, the decline to 31.1 kg in 2020 illustrates the market's instability. A global outbreak like COVID-19 and local preferences in eating patterns highlight the need for businesses to remain flexible and responsive.

Present Market Situation and Opportunities

Based on the Helgi Library report, despite the reduction of 6.15% from last year, the UAE remains 36th out of 165 nations in chicken consumption. As a result of this position, businesses involved in the poultry supply chain will continue to have opportunities in the UAE. Businesses can also capitalize on this trend by focusing on health and sustainability in customer decisions.

A great example of a product that meets this market criteria is Aurora's Chicken Breast. This Brazilian product is not only a testament to excellence, but they also cater to the health-conscious customer. Such goods demonstrate the ability of businesses to innovate and match with current health and nutritional trends.

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Business Strategic Considerations

Customer Insights

Analyzing customer behavior in depth might offer possibilities even in decreasing industries. Why did consumption fall in 2020? Was it because of supply chain interruptions, changing health consciousness, or a revival of traditional Emirati dishes? The answers to these questions can help influence product development and marketing tactics.


Since the UAE's culinary scene is a melting pot of global tastes, there is potential to supply a wide range of poultry-based goods. The popularity of products such as Aurora's chicken breasts demonstrates a need for health-conscious items.


There is a growing worldwide movement toward ethical and sustainable consumerism. Businesses in the UAE might profit from marketing themselves as sustainable poultry producers, in line with global best practices as well as local customer preferences.

The ever-changing story of poultry consumption in the UAE is more than simply changing dietary habits; it's an appeal for businesses to innovate and adapt. Consumption patterns must be viewed as a rich tapestry of cultural, economic, and social threads in this age of fast globalization. Unraveling this tapestry can lead to opportunities for long-term growth, product innovation, and market leadership. Businesses have the potential to reinvent themselves, gaining inspiration from shifting customer desires, much as the UAE has changed itself from a desert region to a global metropolis.